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Misophonia, which is also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome is a condition in which a particular sound is said to 'trigger' extremely strong feelings like anger, outrage, disgust, or even hatred. Sufferers say that it is often an oral sound, like the noise a person makes when they; 

  • cough
  • eat 
  • yawn
  • breathe
  • snifffle
  • chew

There seem to be some discrepancies in whether the sounds that trigger sufferers are soft or loud as people can respond in different ways and the number of sufferers at this time are unknown. Research into the condition is still relatively new and misophonia is yet to be formally recognised as a phobia in its own right.

People who are suffering with misophonia can experience it at differing levels of severity and the standard scale of one to ten is used. There is a good explanation of the ten different levels described here

There is much that is not yet proven about misophonia but it is clear that the attention, mental focus and styles of thinking of people suffering with misoponia is increasing their level of discomfort. Getting control of ones thoughts and directing them away from the trigger sound would seem impossible to someone suffering with this conditiion but it is actually quite doable.

Getting control of your thoughts is the key to getting your mind and your life back.

If you want freedom from constantly being a victim to the sounds of people living around you, there is a way. Thrive works, it makes sense, its research based and it works with serious phobias. 

If you are prepared to put in the work to get your life back change give me a call to discuss how this could work for you.

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Articles & Research

When A Chomp or A Slurp Is A Trigger for Outrage: This article published in The New York Times describes some of the difficulties experienced by sufferers of misophonia. Written by Joyce Cohen, published September 5th 2011.

The Horrible Anger You Feel At Someone Eating an Apple Is Called Misophonia:  An article on misophonia and the style and treatment for it that is available in Europe. There are some good references to research being done into misophonia and the interesting statement that 'A majority of the people who develop misophonia, have a bit of a rigid and compulsive personality'. To read the full article click here. Written by Alejandro Tauber who is the editor for Motherboard, September 13th, 2014.

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